Jan 15, 2010

The US Should Learn from the Failure of the Soviet Union and Change Course

The only way of winning the war against terror is by inundating the region with primary schools, basic health facilities, vocational training programs, and team sports. There is a large Pakistani-American Diaspora successfully engaged in such endeavors. It can show the way of winning hearts and minds.

Lamentably, the US Government, the State Department, the Defense Department have yet to connect with this very useful resource. They have yet to emulate the Pakistani-American example. Their priorities must change. The sooner, the better.

For can anyone deny that the United States actions in Muslim countries so far have only resulted in breeding 1000’s of committed terrorists bent on harming the West? Drone strikes, bombardment, deployment of ground troops at a cost of billions of $ in the tribal belt between Pakistan and Afghanistan have substantially increased acts of terrorism. It is hardly realized that the cost of one deadly "Drone Aircraft" approximates the money needed to place almost 5 million poor children into Universal Primary Schooling and building 500 sports or basketball courts and providing 10,000 basketballs. We are also a witness to the tragic fact that placing of armed Xe or Ex-Blackwater private soldiers in major cities of Pakistan is only bringing untrackable suicide bombers into the financial centers of the country.

It is time for a change. The Pakistan-American community can deliver. Yes, we can!