Feb 8, 2009

Is Pakistan next on the chopping block?

“Arms & Ammunition” is the biggest lobby and the largest industry. It thrives on continued conflicts around the world. With the Iraq war nearing end, focus may now shift to Pakistan and Iran as the next venue of adventurism.
This century “Energy” and “Food” will be the second biggest lobbies and industries and will distinguish successful countries from failed states. World class “Energy” and “Food” production requires the availability of educated citizens. The situation appears somewhat bleak for Pakistan in this respect. In July 2008, 100,000 Universal Primary Education Schools established by NCHD were abruptly shut down and 80,000 Teachers were sent home packing. Thus ended primary schooling for 500,000 rural village children. At the same time more than 184 schools were destroyed in the Tribal areas.
Only empty rhetoric and false promises are heard about rebuilding such schools and reinstating all NCHD teachers. Need one emphasize that you must have Primary Schools first for everyone before you decide to build Universities.