Aug 21, 2009

Ex-President Musharraf was the Worst President in the History of Pakistan. A List of his Failures.

• As President he had no right to behave like a Human Being.
• He had no right to have a Sense of Humor in a Nation that is always Sad, Crying, and Miserable.
• As President, he had no right to enjoy Music or Sing as ordinary people do.
• As President he failed to demonstrate a ‘Me First’ agenda that most Pakistanis unabashedly have.
• He wasted time in trying to mold Pakistan into Jinnah’s Pakistan. Instead, he should have spent his time in first breaking and destroying and then once again trying to rebuild like many leaders of the past.
• He did not embark on the destructive Vendetta Politics digging up Graves and pulling out old Skeletons.
• His singular fault was that he empowered women and allowed too many into the National Senate, the Parliament and the Provincial Governments.
• He empowered the media, made it bold and free, and allowed it to indulge in constructive criticism of Pakistan’s leadership.
• He and his immediate family forgot to borrow huge bank loans, transfer the loan money to other global hidden accounts, then default and seek to be forgiven.
• Whenever he appeared on the TV he had Jinnah’s picture visibly behind him.
• He encouraged arts, crafts, acting, singing in Pakistan.
• He forgot to buy properties and palaces around the world.
• He surrounded himself and listened to some bad advisors.
• He was too soft most of the time and allowed bad guys to benefit.
• For the first time in the history of the country, academics and scientists won the patronage of the Federal Government. They got better pay scales and special allowances. Higher education got a boost and the number of universities multiplied. So did R&D undertakings.
• It was Musharraf’s folly to introduce the local government system which gave a marked impetus to developmental activity. The face of the major industrial city dramatically changed. It appeared poised to look like any other modern city of the world.
• He promoted the “PAKISTAN FIRST” slogan.