Apr 12, 2005

Pak-American trader satisfied with economic growth

WASHINGTON (April 12 2005): 'Five years of hard work by the top Pakistani leadership and placement of a good management team is starting to pay fast dividends,' said a noted Pakistani American businessman Pervez Lodhie. Talking to APP on Sunday, he expressed satisfaction over the progress of Pakistan's economy, and referred to all key economic and fundamental indicators, showing that the goals were being achieved faster than set time limits. "However", he said, "there is still a lot of work to be done in Pakistan; all is not perfect. Fifty years of the country's neglect and gross miss-management by a few cannot be fully fixed in five years except by some magic

Apr 9, 2005

This time America's Economic woes may be long term

By: Pervaiz Lodhie

Present second term US administration's over-reaction and over-correction to the tragedy of 9/11 may have given America some temporary military wins globally but major economic losses that are here to stay for a long time. I am surprised to read recent article in Newsweek from a financial expert talking about million reasons and quoting the Fed Chairman why the $ is getting weaker, why deficit is growing etc except the real reasons. Commerce between the rest of the world is starting to heat up. South Asian countries Like Pakistan are becoming a hotbed of global visitors grabbing big financial deals. Next generation of Innovators and Entrepreneurs that used to come to America daily to make America technologically most advanced are now going elsewhere.

In the Service of the Community

By: Pervaiz Lodhie

You are first an American and then a Pakistani American and then anything else if you have accepted to become a Citizen of the United States of America. If you want to be ignored or don't mind your Citizen's Rights trampled, upon then Do Nothing. Otherwise like other successful minorities start becoming part of the most important American institution called the Government.Part of Your Responsibility for Your Coming Generations is to be Politically Active at Local, Federal & National Level at All Times