Mar 4, 2006

America’s Invasion of Iraq was Unjust. It was Doomed for Failure.

A beautiful country of Iraq has been almost trashed in the name of removing dictatorship and bringing western style capitalistic democracy. Leaving Iraq united as an Iranian style theocracy will be more problem for America and its allies. Leaving Iraq divided will be a long term problem for the region as well as America and its allies. America is ‘Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place’ with Only One Best Choice MAKE A DEAL WITH SADDAM

Great PR Opportunity for Pakistan Lost

President Bush visit to Pakistan should have been the greatest opportunity for Pakistan to capitalize on marketing and PR of Pakistan. Unfortunately there are still many disintegrating, grudge carrying, selfish, illiterate groups and individuals who cannot identify and separate personal interests from National interests, personal losses vs National losses. We still have people in Pakistan that cannot stand a prosperous Pakistan and want to do harm. Pakistanis everywhere continue to Excel individually but Stink collectively. Hope some day we will learn the power in working collectively as well as individually.

We Allowed American Democracy to be Hijacked by Big Brother Corporate America or Special Interests

The Government is failing the people because the lawmakers in Washington DC are not the true representatives of the masses. They were elected not by you because you failed to exercise your precious Vote but by special interest groups funding powerful lobbies. Start taking the responsibility of Voting in every election if you want the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People