Sep 22, 2008

Many countries would greatly benefit if Pakistan disintegrates

Many countries would greatly benefit if Pakistan disintegrates. They know it is only a matter of time. These countries may have already worked out contingency plans decades ago. They also know that Pakistanis are their own worst enemies and will lead the disintegration of Pakistan without outside help.
The process of disintegration of Pakistan may have already begun by following events
• Absence of Rule of Law and Accountability of past and present
• Country Assets slowly sold off to outsiders to meet expenses
• Heading back to high debt by borrowing from IMF and other lenders
• Efforts to weaken or break the country’s only most crucial and strongest most disciplined institution called the Pakistan Armed Forces.
• Breaking the most solid long standing relationship with real friend and neighbor China
• Increasing and unchecked cross border intrusions
• Increasing kidnappings for ransom in major cities
• Reducing or shutting down of Basic Education in villages
• Ever increasing number of population joining the hunger line
• Existing Foreign Investors insecure and leaving
• New Foreign Direct Investment now bypassing Pakistan
• All the fundamentals and basics necessary for economic growth missing and never fixed