Mar 20, 2008

Moving Forward on Two Diametrically opposed courses

Today, Pakistan’s Leadership has the option of Moving Forward on Two Diametrically opposed courses

The leadership could either opt for the fast track to Extinction, like that of the Dinosaurs, if it decides to pursue a course of confrontation, pull out old skeletons from the closet, and resort to vendetta politics, strikes, and consequent destruction of national wealth.

The second option is to be a part of the fast paced global economic revolution and to speedily attract the available multi-billion dollar foreign direct investment that was initially destined to come to Pakistan but had been pouring into other countries like China, India, and Central America.

President Musharraf has laid the foundation for the recognition of Pakistan’s role worldwide in the economic rejuvenation. It is now up to the new lawmakers to sustain the momentum of his strivings and carry the zestful drive forward.

Mar 1, 2008

Pakistani expatriates- Powerful resource

It was Pakistan’s good fortune that decades ago its citizens went around the world to gain higher education and professional excellence in import disciplines. These expatriates excelled in their respective fields and made their mark. Indisputably, they remain better that the best today.

It was Pakistan’s misfortune that none of these accomplished sons and daughters of the New World had any desire to return to the homeland.

Regretfully, even President Musharraf did not utilize this most critical and powerful resource to take Pakistan forward into the 21st century.