Jun 1, 2009

Mr President Asif Ali Zardari It will take very little to make foreign investors from all over the world return to Pakistan & Pakistan’s Exports to In

Security problems are not the only reasons why foreign investors meant to go to Pakistan have been moving to many other countries. The necessary business and industry growth will come by attracting 1000’s of small and medium investors and companies. The established large foreign companies have learned to live with the good or bad system in Pakistan but for new small and medium investors there is no protection or speedy justice when they are cheated by local partners or managers or the investors rightful bill are not paid for years.

My IT/Call Center business started in year 2000 once started working was seized including my Karachi office set up for foreign customers by the Pakistani junior managing partner in 2005. Used to following the law I am still going to the courts in 2009 with multiple date cancellations by the courts. Overwhelming data of proof has been provided.

We are now in the new age of instant information and instant video sharing. All old historical data, good and bad, right or wrong, fabricated or true is now available to every person in the world. Google, YouTube, Blackberrys, Facebook will not allow anyone to forget the past and simply open new chapters. Once Pakistanis who have taken out much of their wealth and property outside Pakistan start setting an example by reinvesting their wealth back into Pakistan many others around the world will follow.