Sep 27, 2002

Making Pakistan a Model for Human Development

By Pervaiz Lodhie, Torrance, CA

As a Pakistani American professional engineer, an entrepreneur and a technology businessman who only believes in ‘teaching how to catch fish’, my efforts in all these areas had not only begun 5 years ago in Pakistan but have proved very successful both for Pakistan and America. As one of the twenty-four Founding Directors and Trustees of President Musharraf’s Pakistan Human Development Fund, the implementation of Pakistan’s Human Development project initiated by Dr Nasim Ashraf and supported by President Musharraf last year has begun. I was present on the site on July 21, 2002 in Mardan, NWFP on the opening of the first Human Development Center. Pakistan’s revolutionary human development program is also based on the concept of ‘teach how to catch fish’. It’s a totally transparent private effort of Pakistani Americans, and well-known Pakistan philanthropists like Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Sep 17, 2002

Mr. President, You Can Save the 21st Century from Doomsday

By: Pervaiz Lodhie

History has given you a rare precious opportunity to be remembered as the ‘best President’ of the 21st century. ‘Best President’ not only of America but of the new Global Village that desperately needs more technology-age leaders like you and President Musharraf. You would not want to be remembered as the 21st Century US President who set in motion a catalyst for the 3rd World War and proved the Doomsday pundits right in the ‘End of the World’ predictions.