Aug 19, 2004

PAL-C for Political Activism Now or Never

By: Pervaiz Lodhie

Is the McCarthy era coming back? This time not against communism but against Muslims and especially against Pakistanis and Pakistani Americans. I was angered and deeply disturbed as an immigrant American, as a Pakistani American, and as a human being when I saw the images of Kamran Akhtar on every American news media channel on August 11, 2004.

Jan 11, 2004

The Writing is on the Wall. America May Not be the Greatest Economic Power of the Future

By: Pervaiz Lodhie

And you cannot eat planes, ships, submarines, tanks or missiles. The slow decline began few decades ago when family, the key building block of a great Nation, began falling apart in favor of extreme materialism and me culture. The leaders and key decision makers' shortsighted reaction in anger of 9/11 has greatly speeded up this decline. While America helped bring down the Berlin Wall, it is successfully building a wall of isolation around itself. Actions have alienated America from the 1.2 Billion strong economic and technology powerhouse of Muslims. What made America the richest and most techonologically advanced country in the world was not moneymen in suits but the constant highest quality technology brain drain from the mismanaged Muslim world. The reverse brain drain has begun and it is America's loss and 3rd world's gain.