Oct 31, 2009

What Will $1.5 Billion Per Year United States Assistance for Pakistan Do? NOTHING!

For over 50 years, Pakistan has paid a heavy price for the one-sided friendship with the United States. Disunity, corruption, personal and party gains in Pakistan have marred the national scene. The absence of a “National” agenda and “Unity” provided an ideal opportunity to the outsiders to take advantage of the disconcerting situation.

For 50 years, multi-million dollar annual economic and military assistance has been appropriated by the United States for Pakistan. Very little or none of this assistance has ever reached the people or the intended projects in Pakistan. It is only now that this is being talked about and people are asking where the huge amount of money has gone. And this wholesome change has come about only after the Pakistani Americans started coming together and connecting with lawmakers in Washington D.C.

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“Are Development Dollars in Pakistan Being Well Spent?”
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“92 per cent of USAID projects go to US NGOs”

Loyalty and friendship with the United States have cost Pakistan Billions. America can never make up for the stupendous losses. US Taxpayers and Pakistan have been ripped off for 50 years. Blissfully, President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Holbrooke and Washington DC Lawmakers appear sincere about correcting the mistakes of the past. But they just have not figured out how. Some of us could help, if asked.