Nov 10, 2009

Should I LAUGH or should I CRY or just say HELL with trying to help Pakistan

It has been very challenging 8 years for me trying to do some revolutionary poverty alleviation work in Pakistan combined with bringing special skills and creating jobs in Pakistan. Most people would have giving up long time ago and many I know have. Unfortunately I am stubborn and get more excited and challenged when things don’t work. As long as I see the “LED” light at the end of the tunnel I will not give up.

Reasons I am having these problems:
1) I prefer using the system and process in place that everyone else uses instead of “Sifarish” or “Favor” from people in Islamabad or at local level.
2) I am not willing to give gifts or bribes.
3) I am not willing to pay huge “Duty” and “Taxes” when exporting my “Alternative Energy” donated products out of KEPZ Karachi into Pakistan.
4) Policy makers and Policy implementers not on same page.
5) Process implementers not accountable, corrupt, and illiterate.

Case 1: Immediately after the devastating 2005 earthquake in Pakistan I had my KEPZ Karachi assembly plant stop everything and assemble 11,500 latest technology LED Flashlights to be rushed to earthquake areas through a highly qualified NGO called NRSP. I personally supervised the completion of these emergency use Flashlights and started export process of donating these free to earthquake areas in December 2005. After all the Red-Tape and Bureaucracy I was able to legally hand over the Flashlights to NRSP in March 2007.

Case 2: In January 2009 I had set a goal of donating 1000 Solar Charged LED Lanterns to 1000 huts in the poorest area of Sehwan Sharif, Dadu District in Sindh. It is now 10 months and I cannot get clearance from customs authority at KEPZ or FBR to export these LED Lanterns out of my KEPZ Assembly plant to a qualified NGO for delivery to 1000 poor households in Sehwan to serve purely donation purpose. The FBR Notification under S.R.O 575 (1)/2006-35 (f) is declaring tax exemption on solar powered lights if certified by AEDB ( Alternative Energy Development Board). NGO gets required certification from AEDB but KEPZ customs authority rejects and now requires written permission from Big Boss in Islamabad FBR office. We are now contacting concerned custom collector to resolve this issue. The story thus goes on and on…..

Oct 31, 2009

What Will $1.5 Billion Per Year United States Assistance for Pakistan Do? NOTHING!

For over 50 years, Pakistan has paid a heavy price for the one-sided friendship with the United States. Disunity, corruption, personal and party gains in Pakistan have marred the national scene. The absence of a “National” agenda and “Unity” provided an ideal opportunity to the outsiders to take advantage of the disconcerting situation.

For 50 years, multi-million dollar annual economic and military assistance has been appropriated by the United States for Pakistan. Very little or none of this assistance has ever reached the people or the intended projects in Pakistan. It is only now that this is being talked about and people are asking where the huge amount of money has gone. And this wholesome change has come about only after the Pakistani Americans started coming together and connecting with lawmakers in Washington D.C.

See TIME Oct 1 issue article by Ken Stier
“Are Development Dollars in Pakistan Being Well Spent?”,8599,1927018,00.html
See The NEWS Oct 31 issue article by Umer Cheema
“92 per cent of USAID projects go to US NGOs”

Loyalty and friendship with the United States have cost Pakistan Billions. America can never make up for the stupendous losses. US Taxpayers and Pakistan have been ripped off for 50 years. Blissfully, President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Holbrooke and Washington DC Lawmakers appear sincere about correcting the mistakes of the past. But they just have not figured out how. Some of us could help, if asked.

Sep 15, 2009

Is Pakistan’s Sovereignty and Land being sold off

Is Pakistan’s Sovereignty and Land being sold off in Bits and Pieces so that no one in Pakistan will notice until it is too late to do anything about it?

Aug 21, 2009

Ex-President Musharraf was the Worst President in the History of Pakistan. A List of his Failures.

• As President he had no right to behave like a Human Being.
• He had no right to have a Sense of Humor in a Nation that is always Sad, Crying, and Miserable.
• As President, he had no right to enjoy Music or Sing as ordinary people do.
• As President he failed to demonstrate a ‘Me First’ agenda that most Pakistanis unabashedly have.
• He wasted time in trying to mold Pakistan into Jinnah’s Pakistan. Instead, he should have spent his time in first breaking and destroying and then once again trying to rebuild like many leaders of the past.
• He did not embark on the destructive Vendetta Politics digging up Graves and pulling out old Skeletons.
• His singular fault was that he empowered women and allowed too many into the National Senate, the Parliament and the Provincial Governments.
• He empowered the media, made it bold and free, and allowed it to indulge in constructive criticism of Pakistan’s leadership.
• He and his immediate family forgot to borrow huge bank loans, transfer the loan money to other global hidden accounts, then default and seek to be forgiven.
• Whenever he appeared on the TV he had Jinnah’s picture visibly behind him.
• He encouraged arts, crafts, acting, singing in Pakistan.
• He forgot to buy properties and palaces around the world.
• He surrounded himself and listened to some bad advisors.
• He was too soft most of the time and allowed bad guys to benefit.
• For the first time in the history of the country, academics and scientists won the patronage of the Federal Government. They got better pay scales and special allowances. Higher education got a boost and the number of universities multiplied. So did R&D undertakings.
• It was Musharraf’s folly to introduce the local government system which gave a marked impetus to developmental activity. The face of the major industrial city dramatically changed. It appeared poised to look like any other modern city of the world.
• He promoted the “PAKISTAN FIRST” slogan.

Jul 18, 2009

National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) is now Embarking on the 2nd Phase of its Revolutionary work in all the 118 Districts of the 4 Provinc

Beginning in 2002 and till July 2008, NCHD made a major destiny-changing impact on the poorest villages of Pakistan. During its 1st phase, some NCHD achievements included:

• Helped enroll over 8 million children between ages 5 and 7 in village schools. Only $15 (Rs1250) per child per year compared to $39 (Rs 3200) in Govt. schools.
• Opened 22,000 community-based primary feeder schools in remote areas.
• Provided corrective vision glasses to over 45,000 children.
• Established 121,000 adult literacy centers with over 4 million women made literate especially in districts with lowest Literacy Rates. Cost only $6 (Rs500) per adult per year.
• Trained over 12 million women in how to make and administer home-made 'Oral Rehydration Solution' thereby impacting child mortality significantly.
• Mobilized and registered over 300,000 volunteers [one of the largest in the world] in all districts of Pakistan for community projects.
• Partnered with Microsoft to establish 16 Computer Learning Centers in remote districts such as Badin [Sind] and Pishin [ Baluchistan].
• Initiated projects in the North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) where development indices are lowest and rates of militancy highest.
• Trained over 1000 district Govt .officials and elected representatives in Planning and Management.
• Won UNESCO INTERNATIONAL LITERACY AWARD for "Best Literacy Program in World" in 2006.
• Won grants from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, OPEC Fund, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, etc.
• Global Network of Pakistani Expatriates helped raise over $27 million for NCHD Projects to date.

To learn more on how you can be part of this social change in Pakistan, visit

President Asif Ali Zadari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani of the present Democratically elected government of Pakistan have now agreed to continue all NCHD programs on a bigger scale and reach with the help of PHDF, the Global Pakistani Diaspora, the global philanthropists and other Foundations. Thorough investigations on this unique Public-Private partnership were done during the last year. These investigations were carried out by MNA Mrs Faryal Talpur in her capacity as Chairperson of the “Special Committee for NCHD”. On July 1st, 2009 the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed MNA Ms Nafisa Shah as the new Chairperson of the National Commission fro Human Development (NCHD).

Jun 1, 2009

Mr President Asif Ali Zardari It will take very little to make foreign investors from all over the world return to Pakistan & Pakistan’s Exports to In

Security problems are not the only reasons why foreign investors meant to go to Pakistan have been moving to many other countries. The necessary business and industry growth will come by attracting 1000’s of small and medium investors and companies. The established large foreign companies have learned to live with the good or bad system in Pakistan but for new small and medium investors there is no protection or speedy justice when they are cheated by local partners or managers or the investors rightful bill are not paid for years.

My IT/Call Center business started in year 2000 once started working was seized including my Karachi office set up for foreign customers by the Pakistani junior managing partner in 2005. Used to following the law I am still going to the courts in 2009 with multiple date cancellations by the courts. Overwhelming data of proof has been provided.

We are now in the new age of instant information and instant video sharing. All old historical data, good and bad, right or wrong, fabricated or true is now available to every person in the world. Google, YouTube, Blackberrys, Facebook will not allow anyone to forget the past and simply open new chapters. Once Pakistanis who have taken out much of their wealth and property outside Pakistan start setting an example by reinvesting their wealth back into Pakistan many others around the world will follow.

May 15, 2009

United States cannot win by military action in Pakistan or Afghanistan because

United States cannot win by military action in Pakistan or Afghanistan because it is seen as an invader and an occupation force trying to take over and control Muslim lands. Pakistan and Afghanistan cannot win as long as they are seen fighting America’s war.

Drone attacks are only providing successful recruitment to the bad guys by heavy collateral damage and deaths of civilians.

It will be far more effective if United States lets Pakistan and Afghanistan fight for their own survival but gives both countries latest tools, equipment and training to both military and the police.

In addition immediate massive economic assistance to Pakistan to repay the losses in billions Pakistan has been suffering for decades due to United States actions in the region.

Mar 27, 2009

US Should Grasp Pakistan's Potential in Global Economic Recovery

Pakistan has always been one of the most resource-rich countries of the world but it has paid a heavy price for being the most loyal ally of the United States for over 50 years. Instead of being ungrudgingly appreciated for its unflinching loyalty, it is constantly pressured to 'do more'. Pakistan's losses on this count have been phenomenal: the country has lost over 34 billion dollars and suffered colossal damage to its infrastructure, cities and peaceful way of life.
Twice the United States' failed policy and lopsided actions in Afghanistan have compounded Pakistan's problems. Yet, the refrain remains the same: 'Do more'! Many well-meaning initiatives on several developmental fronts - education, poverty alleviation, and industrial growth - have resultantly scuttled before they could gather momentum.
There are manifest indications that global economic recovery is to begin in South Asia and China where most US and European multinationals already own many companies. The 3 billion population of the region is mostly poor. But it can easily transform into 3 billion new consumers. With a stable and healthy Pakistan, South Asia and China could dramatically alter the world's fortunes turning current economic reverses into precipitous gains. It was time Pakistan's potential as a catalyst for wholesome global change is realized and Islamabad is given the same level of economic assistance as Egypt and Israel.

Mar 20, 2009

Heavy Price to Pay for Loyalty

Pakistan has always been one of the most resource rich countries in the world but it has paid a heavy price for being the most loyal ally of United States for over 50 years. The sad part is instead of being appreciated for this loyalty it is constantly asked to do more. It has cost Pakistan billions of dollars worth of looses and irreparable damage to its infrastructure, to its cities and to its peaceful way of life.

Twice United States failed policy and actions in Afghanistan have pushed the problems into Pakistan. Instead of Pakistan’s budget and resources going into education, poverty alleviation, industrial development, it has been forced to fight a war on terror which had nothing to do with Pakistan.

Next Global economic recovery will most likely start from South Asia and China The 3 billion population of the area is mostly poor. They can easily become 3 billion new consumers. With stable and healthy Pakistan South Asia and China can help turn the economic disaster around. It is time Pakistan gets the same level of economic assistance that is given to Egypt and Israel.

Feb 8, 2009

Is Pakistan next on the chopping block?

“Arms & Ammunition” is the biggest lobby and the largest industry. It thrives on continued conflicts around the world. With the Iraq war nearing end, focus may now shift to Pakistan and Iran as the next venue of adventurism.
This century “Energy” and “Food” will be the second biggest lobbies and industries and will distinguish successful countries from failed states. World class “Energy” and “Food” production requires the availability of educated citizens. The situation appears somewhat bleak for Pakistan in this respect. In July 2008, 100,000 Universal Primary Education Schools established by NCHD were abruptly shut down and 80,000 Teachers were sent home packing. Thus ended primary schooling for 500,000 rural village children. At the same time more than 184 schools were destroyed in the Tribal areas.
Only empty rhetoric and false promises are heard about rebuilding such schools and reinstating all NCHD teachers. Need one emphasize that you must have Primary Schools first for everyone before you decide to build Universities.